Nature Of The Society

i) Our Society will be a Society of Lay People and Priests – a Society of Apostolic Life. The members will faithfully pursue the specific purpose of the Society(Cn.731; 588.2). The Christian Faithful who practice perfection

ii) Priest Members will make the promise to faithfully live life of the Evangelical counsels of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience and live in communities (Can. 731)

iii) Priest Members will be incardinated in the society or diocese while belonged to the Society.

iv) Priests and Lay members will wholeheartedly strive for the perfection of the society. The members will accord utmost importance to Jesolites Apostolate so as to relevantly communicate the Good News to the people of God with a preferential love for the poor (cf. Ecclesia in Asia, n.34)