The Mission Purpose Of Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior

The Purposes Of The Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior

  1. Taking care of the elderly religious men and women
  2. Taking care of the abndoned children and educate them
  3. Primary purpose is medical missionary, to serve the remote areas or rural dwellers where government services could not reach
  4. Emergency response and charitable support to sick families
  5. Formation of rev sisters and rev fathers from seminary to ordinations. So, they can give their life for humanitarian services
  6. Run and manage schools of theology and allied healthcare, give scholarships to orphans and less privileges
  7. Emergency response in medical mission and carring for the sicks, elderly, wounded families and soldiers etc
  8. Family ministries: to support single mothers, poor childrens and welfare


  1. Evangelizations
  2. Serving the poorest of the poor, less privileges and feeding the hungry
  3. Supproting single mothers
  4. Serving and caring for the sick
  5. Medical missionary work to remote areas or remote villages