MJS Charism And Ultimate Purpose

The world needs healing from all forms of evils in the society. It needs to understand and experience the real love of God. Therefore, we need people who are really dedicated, who have purity of thought and strong determination. The member are Priests, Rev Brothers, and lay Apostolate members (male and female for Lay mission) of the Jesolites will help to spread the Love of God globally and Towncry early morning or preach Gospel any place as they travel on the Road. They will Evangelize and Re-evangelize the Families by assisting for Night and Morning Prayers. Establishing Block Rosary Centers and work with Children. Members are to be praying for the Sick, Care for the Sick, the Elderly and serve in remote areas. All are to consider the patient or the less privileges as Christ is in them calling us as we hear the voice of the sick and the dying as young Samuel heard God calling and responded to all the calls (1 Samuel 3)

In addition, members are study the allied healthcare, give services to the people through their health science experiences and pastoral ministry to adults, we also work with Youth and Children through counseling, Retreats, Spiritual Conventions, Prayer groups in the parishes and Educational Institutions (Health Science and Theology School). We are committed to healthcare services to the poorest of the poor as we move to Christianize and Canonize Healthcare Science.

i) Keeping the Jesolites as a Model, we reach out to every family through building Block Rosary Centers to families or small communities, and in serving the Diocesan Family Commission in any diocese without burdening the diocesan Bishop, assisting and supporting it in all the activities for forming Children through Block Rosary Crusade to develop families in any region or Dioceses as we pray and carry out the evangelization of our Lady of Fatima under the auspicious name of Mary Mother of Mercy and Compassion.

ii) Running Schools of Medical Science of from School of Science with high standard, we educate the deprived Children of villages and slums where as we work, by taking care of them as if they are our own children. We shall maintain high standard and discipline like that of the corporate schools. Building schools, starting orphanages, Hostels and Boarding to educate them and help them until they get good jobs so that they live a decent life in the society.

iii) We also run Health-Technical Institutes when and where it is possible. The day we deny any admission to the poorest of the poor on the basis of poverty, caste or any other type of discrimination “LET THE JESOLITES, CEASE TO EXIST”

iv) Evangelization is proclaiming the Kingdom of God where Peace, Joy and Love abide. We are resolved to seek to teach people to live happily here on earth and make it a heaven and then reach heaven at the death. As Pope John XXIII asked? “What can religion do to help men and women on the street or out there to know that life is meaningful? For these are challenges that is faced by the Catholic church; reintegration of all, the wish of Divine Redeemer in John 17:11 “Father may they be one as you and I are One.” Go to the roots of Jesus’ teaching and apply it in the day-to-day life. We desire to reach the unreached, touch the untouched by going to the poorest and remote villages where no one likes to go.

The founder and co-Founders do not want the congregation to deviate from this thought, at any time, in the guise of modern world, post modernistic world view with its relativistic mentality etc. We shall strive to use the latest developments for the spread of the gospel and to reach the poorest of the poor but never neglect the poor and needy especially those in the remote corners, interior villages. This does not literally translate that we should neglect the needy in the cities, but our priority should be to the remote areas. Only those who are ready to risk their lives for the sake of the Kingdom will be selected and ordained. The founding members’ vision for the erection of the JM never encourages castes, regionalism, local and non-local feelings etc., never forget that we are doing God’s work not our work. Therefore, we shall use Mass Media for all the above three activities.



1). God organizes us into families so that we can grow up in happiness and safety as well as learn to love others selflessly which is the key to true joy. The family is the best place to learn to love others the way Heavenly Father loves each one of us. The family is both the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. It is a perpetual source of encouragement, acceptance and assurance of everyone who is part of it. We have been born and brought up in families. We know the many struggles and difficulties that our families, our neighbors’ families, our friends and relatives’ families undergo whether they are rich or poor. If we are sensitive to all we cannot but serve them. So our priority is set on the families who really need help in the urban and rural areas. The Jesolites will have farms to feed the hungry families and assist them in areas they can grow if necessary.


8) The importance of education cannot be stressed enough. It is a self-enlightening process. It is crucial to the overall development of an individual and the society at large. It is the best way to break the cycle of poverty, therefore the members of the Jesolites should give special attention to, in providing education mainly to the poorest of the poor, until they secure a good job that will eliminate their poverty. We must love them as if they are our own children.


13) In the modern world the Church faces many strong challenges especially in the formation of Faith and the traditional methods of evangelizing. Therefore, we the members should carefully study the causes of these phenomenon. We must realize that in this situation we are called upon to give witness to a stronger personal faith in the living God and also to search for new ways of fulfilling our vocation to evangelize.

Holding Scripture and Catholic Tradition close to heart, we the Jesolites provide the following services:

1) Chaplaincy or CPE and Home Care Apostolate
2) Run Prayer centers, shrine and renewal programs
3) Take up preaching mission in parishes especially in the remote areas
4 Develop or start parishes and give them back to the dioceses once developed
5) Start a theological college mainly for the Laity and Pastoral Workers
6) Train the Lay Apostles as preachers through our School
7) Food Pantry, Kitchen Soup and Community Services
8) Media centers / Media Evangelization, and Film
9) Start a Catholic TV Channel
10) Start a spiritual Magazine
11) Use and teach Musical instruments

The above three namely Family, Education/Healthcare, Evangelization are like Father, Son and Holy Spirit who cannot be separated. The priests must be trained to do all the three apostolates so that they can be placed anywhere at any time.

o The Patron of the Society is Mary Mother of Mercy and Compassion
o The Guide of the Society is Holy Spirit
o The Leader of the Society is Jesus Christ
o The Protector of the Society is God the Father
o The Inspiration of the Society is The Missionaries of Jesus the Savior (a.k.a Jesolites).
o Motto: Ministrari Non Ministrare

Glory Be To The Father, Son And Holy Spirit Through
Teaching & Learning Functions, Health Care
Services,education And Family Evangelization. Both Now
And Forever In “jesolites).” Amen