Jesolite Psychiatry Centre

It is difficult to watch our loved ones battle with mental challenges and pain, we understand the vulnerability of a human being, and it’s our aim to help as much as we can. At the Jesolite Psychiatry Center, we are prepared to be your partner in your loved ones’ healing process.

We provide a safe place where you will feel comfortable and accepted. We offer a wide range of treatment options that can suit you or your loved ones’ specific needs. Our team is composed of qualified psychiatrists, Doctors, Nurses, and other drug rehab personnel. They are trained to help in your loved one’s healing process and are ready to be of assistance in ensuring a successful recovery.

We are dedicated to the mental health of all citizens. We are dedicated to helping people achieve personal growth and development by utilizing the latest therapy services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and other alternative therapeutic techniques, including yoga, meditation, and more.

We are here for them when others may have given up on them or have told them that there is no hope. Our aim is to give hope and encourage your loved ones to recover under the Lord’s guidance and love for us all.