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The rule of the life of the Jesolites has a strict interpretation of the code of canon law, with theological basis and traditions of the Fathers of the Church. The members are to observe the statue, the customs of the models with simplicity of as; we imitate Christ whom the Jesolites gaze upon and contemplate what we have seen him do. We are radical for Jesus, anything contrary in the life of the Church must be derogated and abolish absolutely (c. 18) however, we shall apply the life with strict interpretation of the motu proprio as the advance of the time unfold. The rule will established sanctions and penalties as stated in canon 10 – 12 “Only those laws must be considered invalidating or disqualifying which expressly establish that an act is null or that a person is unqualified.” Therefore, the rule must be in the strict sense to all baptized, they are to live by the patrimony of the society of the Apostolic life without changing the patrimony neither the contrary.


our Mission

We practice kindness in all our relationships in our duties as we reach out as teachers, preachers, Kings, priests, ministers, pastoral workers, medical personnels and as leaders.

Who Are We

Missionaries of Jesus The Savior {MJS}, we are commonly called “JESOLITES” as a public association of the Christian faithful and we pursue the practice of perfection.

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Why Choose Us

We are constrained to be generous in giving and helping others. As Jesolites, we have a duty to teach others what the Lord taught us as he was called to help others as Jesus Christ did. This will give us strength for our mission because this is what the Lord would want from us in return for serving him.

Daily care experts

We have a team of medical professionals and pastoral care experts in the spirit of serving others with compassion.

Balanced care

We are constrained to understand the needs and circumstances of others in all areas of life. We practice the teachings of Jesus on caring for the sick, “He went out, and a crowd was with him, and he needed nothing.”

Available 24/7

We practice the works of mercy, as Jesus had great compassion for sinners and the poor, understanding the needs of others in their circumstances. This is what we are called to do at all times.

Emergency Cases


Our Mission

To train Heroes of Cultures of life for Human life is Scared. According to the Sapientia Christiana (April 15, 1979), UIS collaborates closely with the Petrine ministry and health care discipline in an exemplary manner by cultivating unity of faith in respect to the diversity of cultures that distinguishes the Church and Health care settings in its many local settings. We are the Heroes of cultures of life, for human life is sacred. We are committed to professionalism, excellency as we listen, we learn and we grow. We practice kindness in all our relationships in our duties as we reach out as teachers, preachers, kings, priests, ministers, pastoral workers, medical personnel and as leaders. We feel the truth, courage to uphold values to improve the quality of health and technology of our communities. We deliver compassionate and innovative care services by our exceptional teams.

Queen of Angels Hospital

Our highly-skilled staff work together to provide the best care possible and we emphasize compassion, comfort, and communication to ensure patients have all they need for the best possible experience.

Jesolite Psychiatry Centre

Qualified psychiatrist Doctors, Nurses and other drug rehab personnel Keeping and caring mental and intellectual disability

Jesolite Pilgrimage Centre

One of the greatest blessings in life is sitting down with our Lord and hearing his loving words. It’s a wonderful experience to see the love we have received in this life reflected in his character, kindness, tenderness, and compassion.

Jesolite Tunakujali

“JESOLITE TUNAKUJALI” exists to help children, youths, women and to empower these marginalized for a right future through education, nutrition programs, medication, clothing, good culture, respect for human dignity and awareness of human rights.

Savior Unity College

Training champions for missionary of the gospels, peace keeping ministers and missionary outreach. Conducting symposium, seminars, conferences and research observation which indicates and poles apart types of researches that has left the faith in chaos by focusing on unity of religions on her ecumenical movements.

Jesolite Media Torch

Jesolite Torch Media is an initiative by Jesolite Tunakujali for Digital Marketing and Youths Promotion & Awareness. Hosting events for youths on African themes for the purpose of promotion, education and entertainment Embracing technology To Pomote Youths in digital platforms

Multimedia and Film Ministry

A story about a certain holy priest who suffered among his flocks and he never left his sheep at Tombura in South Sudan. A living Saint. The Priest choose to die with his Parishioners and even when others left. He stayed with his people and celebrated Holy Mass for them. Jesolites Missionaries, through her University promote the Evangelization through the Christian Theatre Arts, Film and Multimedia to expose the unjustifiable killings and evil going in this path of the world. this movie should not be edited without permission.

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