Queen of Angels Hospital 

We are aware of the needs of other individuals, families, and communities, and we are ready to serve as part of the solution in helping people and their health. We treat patients with compassion while at the same time encouraging them to be strong enough to govern their own lives and care for themselves.

Queen of Angels Hospital is a safe place for anyone who is in need of our services. We have many programs that are available to aid our patients and their families. Also, we acquired the latest technology to provide a comfortable environment for our patients.

We only hire well-qualified individuals who love the Lord and are prepared to help people overcome the trials and tribulations of life. We take care of each individual with honesty and integrity and provide them with quality care and treatment.

We aim to provide the best service using the latest technology and techniques. We are able to create a healing atmosphere for our patients, encouraging them to live their life with joy and hope.

We welcome anyone who is in need of our services with no judgment. We hope you feel welcome in our environment and will be empowered to take charge of your healing process.