Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior Grant Selections

The Grant Selections Of The Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior’s Grants For Charitable Works

  1. Hospitals in remote areas
  2. Hospital who serves those who qualified our benefits
  3. Hospitals who serve people without pre-payments of services and treatments like minor and major operations
  4. Organizations who advocate for the less privileges
  5. Organizations who does not participate in politics
  6. Organizations who make sure that they never or attempted to sponsor or support terrorist
  7. Organizations who demonstrated that peace and developments of life in remote areas are important and vow never to challenge governments in any forms or any where
  8. Organizations who assist governments to reach out their services to the rural dwellers
  9. Organizations that does not discriminate in any forms both racial discriminations but make everyone to feel happy
  10. Organization who does not support people base on their creed or religion but serve all humans on earth despite your race or colour