Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior Benefit And Beneficiaries

The Benefits Of The Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior’s Purpose And Mission Statement

  1. Helping The Abandoned Families To Grow Both Financially And Education
  2. The Familie That Has No Hope For Education Regain It Through Missionaries Of Jesus The Savior
  3. Orphan’s Hope Is Restored, No One Will Adopt You And You Will Lead Your Family Again
  4. Children Born And Abandoned Will Have Hope Once Their Family Is Identified And No Adoptions
  5. Elderly Religious Have Hope That Mjs Will Care For Them In Their Sick Beds
  6. All Members Of The Mjs, Have Their Hope To Make Heaven At Last After Working
  7. We Wishes To Bring Peace In The World
  8. We Wishes To Spread Love To All Families And World