Missionaries of Jesus The Savior

Missionaries of Jesus The Savior {MJS} , we are commonly called “JESOLITES” as a public association of the Christian faithful and we pursue the practice of perfection. Also, do active works and live Apostolic institute. In addition, we are men and women living a consecrated life and making promise of the evangelical counsels and growing in charity as we assist to build the body of Christ and sponsor churches with soul winning both in prayers and evangelization missions. As religious order and non-profit, Inter-faith (ecumenism). It is institute of medical missionaries for men and women above 18 years, we dedicated our entire life as we promise, profess and take perpetual profession when our formation of life in the institute in Fivefold formation; Spiritual formation, Academic Formation, Human Formation, Pastoral Formation and Medical Formation.

Our mission

We train Heroes of Cultures of life for Human life is Scared. According to the Sapientia Christiana (April 15, 1979), UIS collaborates closely with the Petrine ministry and health care discipline in an exemplary manner by cultivating unity of faith in respect to the diversity of cultures that distinguishes the Church and Health care settings in its many local settings. We are the Heroes of cultures of life, for Human life is sacred. We are committed to professionalism, excellency as we listen, we learn and we grow. We practice kindness in all our relationships in our duties as we reach out as teachers, preachers, Kings, priests, ministers, pastoral workers, medical personne l and as leaders. We feel the truth, courage to uphold values to improve the quality of healt h and technology of our communities. We deliver compassionate and innovative care services by our exceptional teams.

Objectives of the Missionaries of Jesus the Savior

    To use our services medium to care for the Elderly people wherever we exist.
    Take care of Our Old Priests, Bishops, and Nuns with high-Quality Assurance care & Standardize
    To improve the healthcare of children through comprehensive primary healthcare services such as: Universal immunization program, child survival and safe motherhood program, oral rehydration therapy and other health related program
    To promote anti-illegal drug Campaign and antibiotic abuse
    To provide Health Science education and awareness on basic healthcare quality, physical health, mental health, reproductive health, doing Health Science Research and nutrition services (WIC).
    To provide education for girls globally with mission hubs in African and Asia.
    To provide services for the children with developmental disabilities.
    To promote educations that reflect in the societies, not societies to reflect on education.

    We preach without preaching and use words when necessary by St. Francis of Assisi, we join St. Francis to build and reconcile churches to avoid religious crisis and faith crisis (John 17: 11) and Pastoral Work in the Parish Adopt the millennium goals of the united nation on universal primary education, child mortality reduction, improve maternal health, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases.

Our Adminstrative Team

Dedicating our lives to serve the poor of the poorest. Our formation of life in the institute is in Fivefold formation; Spiritual formation, Academic Formation, Human Formation, Pastoral Formation and Medical Formation.

Rev. Fr. Leonard Chukwujioke

Founder and Vocations Promoter

Sr. Mary

Compassionists-Mother Superior

Br. David Matona Kelvin

Jesolite Torch Media - Director